Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I was unsure at first whether I wanted to make this blog post, as I haven't discussed my mental health with many people in my life. My Tumblr occasionally plays host to anxious ramblings but I'm not usually very clear about it. I've seen Tumblr masterposts about mental health, which are helpful, and saw Zoella's video on Youtube, which was not (I know she meant well, but it felt like she was just listing stuff from NHS factsheets and it was all very vague). Every person is different, so here I am providing a different viewpoint, which I hope might help. I'm nowhere near better but I wanted to share what I've found to be helpful. I apologise in advance if you think that it's all bullshit...

Aberystwyth Haul

So last weekend I returned home after spending 7 weeks in Aberystwyth, the town where I went to university. Even though I'm probably in the same situation as when I was last at home (still jobless, still trying to deal with health issues), getting some time away was good. And I bought some cool things whilst I was away so decided to make a haul post because this blog is painfully neglected. So, here's what I bought!