June Favourites

Back again! Another month, another list of favourites...

Summer Sales Spree: Shopping in Manchester

So I decided to swear off buying make up after last week's haul, and ended up buying clothes instead. My poor bank account! Today I went into Manchester with my mum and sister, where I bagged a couple of deals. I visited Topshop, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Boots and Primark.

All in a day's work!

Makeup Haul! Boots/Superdrug - L'oréal, MaxFactor, Maybelline and Natural Collection

Looking at all of this makeup collected together on my dresser, this looks like a pretty big haul by my standards. But I reassure you, this has been purchased over the last month or two. One of which was a trip to Superdrug whilst I was visiting my boyfriend in Wales where, thanks to 3 for 2 and Beautycard/student discounts, I saved almost £13 in one purchase! I feel so proud every time I think about it.
  Omitted from this haul are a couple of things, all from Rimmel - the Clear Complexion Transparent Powder, Wake Me Up Concealer, and a Brow Pencil - simply because they're every day items that I repurchase over and over, so they didn't feel too exciting. I am, however, thinking of doing a post including my 'make up must haves/drugstore starter kit' in which they would most definitely feature! And so, on with the haul!