Life Lately #3

Oh hi, remember me? I used to have a blog once...

To be honest, I doubt anyone has noticed my lack of blogging. I've still managed to push the odd post live, but most of my content has been sat in draft form for months upon months. I have a post about a trip to London that's almost finished. I went to London in March. When I do publish a post I forget to promote it, so no-one actually reads them. Well done, Laura.

So, what happened?

Trying Charlotte Tilbury for the first time

I've always wanted to try Charlotte Tilbury, but could never justify the price to my bank balance. Everything is just so beautiful! So imagine my glee when I discovered that I'd won Corrie's blogerversary giveaway!

I spent a while umming and ahhing over what to buy, even popping into the Covent Garden store to take a look. In the end I picked three matte lipsticks. They're the product that I've always coveted, so why not get three? That's not overkill, right?

A Vintage Clothing Haul

Last month I headed to Leeds Armouries with my boyfriend, sister, and cousin to check out a vintage sale. It was one that charged by the kilo, and I came away with three items. I love looking at vintage clothing, but had never gone to a kilo sale before this.

Revisiting Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Those three words that simultaneously bring fear and nostalgia to our hearts - Dream Matte Mousse. A true ghost of make-up past. I started 2018 by brainstorming social posts and perusing make-up counters for new products. But then I found myself thinking - what about the old classics?

I used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse longer than I'd care to admit. It was one of the first "proper" foundations that I had and I think it was still in my rotation of foundations up until the age of 20. I'm a lazy gal; I like products that are quick to apply.

And so, all these years later, I decided to give it another shot. Enjoy a selection of close up shots of my face, in all its peach-fuzz glory!

My Handbag Collection

It feels cliche but I feel like a lot of women (and men) fall into two categories. They love shoes or they love bags.

I love shoes. Not high heels, but just shoes in general. I have far too many pairs of trainers and ankle boots. Sorry, not sorry. I do also love bags, but am much more selective about them. So I thought I'd do a quick post about my handbag collection.

Reading Wrap Up #2

Things have slowed down a little bit on the reading front. Commuting by train leaves you with a lot of time to read. I don't miss commuting, but I do miss having time each day to read. I think in 2018 I will try and set aside more time to get through my TBR, because it's getting quite out of hand!

Christmas Decorations on a Budget

This year is my first Christmas in my own (rented) home. Hooray! Whilst I am still spending the Christmas week back at my Mum's house with my family, I was still excited to decorate our little flat.

Money isn't "beans on toast for tea" tight, but we haven't got lots of money to throw around on Christmas decorations, so here's our Christmas on a budget!