May Favourites

MAC Fleur de Force Unboxing and Review

It's not often that I'll buy into a "blogger product", I'm often very tempted by products that my favourite bloggers put out but I don't think I've bought anything yet. But as soon as Fleur announced she was collaborating with MAC, you bet I had the date down in my calendar!

Reading Wrap Up #1

Time for my first reading wrap up of 2017! I set fairly modest target on Goodreads of 25 books. Things were off to a flying start and I was miles ahead of schedule, but I took a little reading break whilst we moved house. But now we're settled and I'm back on it!

Life Lately #2

Laura, where the hell have you been?

It's been almost a month since I last published a post. But with good reason. This Easter while everyone was enjoying their chocolate eggs, myself, Kris and my parents were hauling around furniture. As mentioned in my last post, we moved to a new town, went on holiday to Iceland, then started new jobs. Blogging took a bit of a back seat, but hopefully now we're settled in and happy I can get back on it!