July Favourites

Wow, this month has been hectic. I've been so busy trying to sort my life out I feel like I rarely sit down and write anything. Definitely need to work on my blog post ideas next month!

Reading Round Up 2015 - Part 1

I wanted to blog about what books I read this year, because my unofficial New Year's Resolution was to read more. I soon realised that if I did one post in December summarising every book I read in 2015, it'd be way too long. We've just passed halfway through the year, so here is what I've read so far!

Thought I'd take photos in the garden, seeing as the weather is so nice right now!

My aim for this year was to read 25 books. So far I've read 11 (haven't quite finished The Colour of Magic but I've added it anyway). Not bad I suppose? I've given the books the same ratings as I did on Goodreads (you can find me here).
So, in no particular order...