My Perfume Collection

I love buying perfume. I don't really think I'm a one scent kind of gal, and I'm always trying out testers when I'm in Boots/Debenhams/John Lewis etc.
I feel like I'm always hunting for that 'perfect scent' that'll become my one perfume, but until then I'll just keep collecting...

Dr Martens Docs For Life

I haven't owned a pair of Doc Martens since I was a little kid. I had a pair of blue croc boots and a pair of burgundy sandals and loved them both to death. I walk 30 minutes each way for work, so I've really come to appreciate durable and comfy shoes. I've already worn down through a pair of Timberlands (which is pretty disappointing considering the cost) so I thought I'd try some Docs For Life...

My MAC x15 Palette

I did it, I completed my MAC Palette! Just over a year ago I wrote a post marking the beginning of this quest as I tried to make my perfect palette. I thought it'd take a lot longer, but I think too many trips to the MAC counter tempted me!