May Favourites

Another month gone! Wow. Everyone says this in monthly favourites posts, but this month went so quickly. Summer is on its way! Although I'm more of an autumn/winter person... it's sad to start saying goodbye to my jumpers and scarves!
May was my birthday month, so there's a couple of favourites that were birthday presents. Some of this post was tough to put together, because I feel like a lot of my May favourites were ones rolled over from April. I really need to find some new tv shows and food faves...

My make up brush collection

So I picked up a couple of new brushes today whilst in Boots; they more impulse buys than anything else really (I had a 25% off coupon). When I got home and added them to my brush pot (an old Starbuck's Frappucino cup) I realised that I owned quite a selection. Plus they were all freshly cleaned. And so this post was born!

Diary of a dinosaur addict

So if you read my March favourites post, then you'll know I have a weird thing for dinosaurs right now. I don't even know why, I just do. I've been playing the Jurassic Park game on my iPad mini and am currently reading said book, by Michael Crichton. Obsessed.