November Favourites

Another month down! Not long left of 2016, and I think you'll agree when I say that I'll kind of be glad to see the back of it! Yes there has been a lot of great things, but also a lot of crap. On a lighter note, here are my monthly favourites!

Why you should apply for The Juice Academy graduate programme

Back at the beginning of November I celebrated my one year work anniversary. Even though I'm due to move onto a new job in the next few weeks, I really value my time at Pharmacist Support. I've learned so much, and I wouldn't be here without The Juice Academy.

Next Tuesday is The Juice Academy's second graduate boot camp and there's still time to apply (applications close on the 28th November). If you already have, here's what to expect...

Bookshelf Tour

I own way too many books. I'm kind of counting down the days until I move out of my parents' house simply because then I can be brutally honest with myself and donate some of the books that I no longer read. I have an enormous bookshelf that's almost floor to ceiling, then piles of old university course books under my bedside table. I thought I'd do a little bookshelf tour, with the hope that I can do another once I move out and slim my library down!

Adventures of an Agoraphobic: London (including the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden, the Royal Albert Hall and a Lush Haul)

With jet-setting across the globe out of the question due to budget constraints, Kris and I opted for a staycation (although it was still pretty costly). We've both been to London a load of times, but last weekend was purely a nerd-fest. Wizards and dinosaurs were on the agenda!

How to have the perfect night in! (+ a homeware wish list)

I think I'll always be the type of girl who prefers staying in over going out. Especially now that *puts on Sean Bean voice* winter is coming, I find myself more and more drawn to my bed. I pretty much get in from work, have my tea and then get straight under the covers. Sometimes I'll just mooch on my laptop and watch a bit of telly, but every so often I'll do some proper self care and have a cosy night in the nest that is my bed.

So in this post you'll find everything you need for the perfect night in!