MAC Fleur de Force Unboxing and Review

It's not often that I'll buy into a "blogger product", I'm often very tempted by products that my favourite bloggers put out but I don't think I've bought anything yet. But as soon as Fleur announced she was collaborating with MAC, you bet I had the date down in my calendar!

Conveniently I had the day off on 8th May because it was my birthday. I was prepared, sat in my pjs refreshing the MAC website waiting for them to stock the lipstick. I know they accidentally made it live the day before, and that a lot of people had trouble trying to purchase, so I was glad that things went smoothly for me.

I've never ordered from MAC before, but I was impressed by the speed of delivery. I ordered it on Monday and it was with me by Thursday. The package was small enough that it fit through the letterbox so I didn't have to worry about going to the sorting office. I also purchased an eyeshadow in Oh My Mocha (which I'm utterly obsessed with), and received a free primer sample with my order.

The colour is a little different from what I usually go for; I tend to go for pinks and plums. It's also my first cremesheen lipstick too. I think the finish makes it perfect for daytime use, but might be a little tricky for a lip-biter like me. All of my other MAC lipsticks are satin or matte finishes because I prefer something that's a bit more long lasting.

But that doesn't mean I wont use it. In fact, it's uniqueness when compared to my other lipsticks is what makes it special. I love the peachy tone to it, and the finish is soft on the lips and not at all drying.

I took a quick photo of the lipstick on my lips. My natural lip colour is a dark rose; I was worried that the colour would make me look washed out but it's actually lovely and subtle. It actually lifts complexions that are as pale as mine, but would probably suit a range of skin tones.

I also had a look through my small collection of MAC lipsticks and the closest similar shade that I could find was Kind Sexy (which is so well loved the MAC logo has rubbed off). Obviously one is matte and one is cremesheen, but they're kind of similar in colour? Kind Sexy is just a touch more red in its tone.

L-R: Kinda Sexy, Fleur de Force

Did you buy the MAC Fleur de Force lipstick? Or did you go for another influencer? What do you think of them?

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