April Favourites

2016 is going so fast compared to 2015! I feel like I've barely got a favourites post out before I have to start brainstorming for another one...

Birthday Wishlist!

It's my birthday in less than three weeks and I've barely even thought about it. To me, it still feels a million miles away. However, I have been keeping an eye out for possible presents for myself; things that I would like, but wouldn't really buy myself normally.

So, if any of my loved ones are reading this, and are stuck for present ideas, here are a few suggestions...

Fanfiction: cool, or still uncool?

I have a confession: I used to read a lot of fanfiction. I used to write a lot of fanfiction.
It's sort of a secret shame that I don't talk about to people, even though I was still actively part of the community right up until the end of my first year of university. By then I wasn't reading new stories, but I definitely had a commitment to finishing my own. My most popular work was a 89,000 word Harry Potter story. To date it has had over 186,000 page views and 382 reviews. That's a pretty big achievement. But why do I hide all association from it?

Sales Spree: Spectrum Brushes

I'm constantly seeing people mention Spectrum Brushes in their blog posts, but had never tried any myself. I have been lusting over their brush sets for ages, but never felt like I needed any. Then I spotted that they had a few individual brushes on sale, so thought I'd give them a try!

Ghosts of Makeup Past

I'm very bad with use by dates on makeup. I'm also bad at throwing things out if I don't use them any more. Lurking in my bedroom are my ghosts of makeup past...

Adventures of an Agoraphobic: York

Kris and I decided to do something a little bit different last week, considering that we had a few days off for Easter. 2 and a half years together and we've never been on holiday together! So we had a mini one, staying for a night in York.