February Favourites

Another month down! This month I had a play around with my blog layout, and finally went and got myself a proper template. I'm really pleased with it; hopefully it looks a bit more professional! Anyway, here are my February favourites...

Adventures of an Agoraphobic: trying to have a life when you don't want to go outside

Aberaeron Harbour Dusk Blue
Aberaeron Harbour

I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder. This mainly manifests itself in the form of compulsive behaviour, hypochondria, and agoraphobia. I also have problems with panic attacks, although luckily it's been a while since I've had a full blown 'I'm going to die I can't breathe I'm just going to collapse on the floor, there's no-one to save me and I can't stop crying' panic attack. Touch wood.

Build Your Own Birchbox!

Calling all Manchester bloggers! The Build Your Own Birchbox has come to Selfridges Exchange Square!

Starting a MAC eyeshadow palette

MAC Naked Lunch Jest Satin Taupe Sable Mystery Cranberry Sketch

A year ago, I'd never owned anything from MAC. Now, I'm slowly trying different things out. I decided to start building my own palette, because I wanted to fill in my eyeshadow collection and cover all the bases in terms of colour/finish.
What really sealed the deal was Laura at laurzrah.com having a blog sale where I picked up 4 shadows (Naked Lunch, Jest, Satin Taupe and Mystery) for £12! Bargain. Not long after I was feeling spendy and got Sable, Cranberry and Sketch. I know it's bad, considering I got a Stila palette for Christmas but I just love eyeshadows!