Urban Decay Solstice Eyeshadow Review (+ Swatches)

I'm not usually one for buying single eyeshadows, but this one was too unusual to pass by! For my birthday I received a voucher for John Lewis. I was putting through a rather boring order of new towels so decided to throw in something for myself. It's unlike anything I have in my collection so I was excited for it to arrive!

Solstice is part of the Moondust collection and is described as a warm duochrome sparkly shadow. It really is that, giving off so much sparkle without having huge chunks of glitter.

It's a pinky red colour with a green shift. I'm utterly obsessed with looking at duochrome shadows, but rarely actually use any. I feel like this product is a good one to start with as it's not too garish and works well over the top of existing shadows that you might own.

At £15.50, I think this is quite expensive for a single shadow. However, it's the kind of product that you'll be using for a long time before it runs out. I doubt I'll hit pan on this for a very long time!

For me, I use this as a "finishing touch" product, using it over the top of other shadows rather than on its own. I know the product description mentions that it has minimal fallout but I think I disagree. It does kind of end up everywhere, meaning that if you wear it for a long time it might end up on your cheeks. However, I don't see this as a huge problem, because I'd say I've experienced fall out from all of the Urban Decay eyeshadows that I've tried. 

I think if you wanted a really solid colour from this shadow you'd have to use it wet - it's a very sheer shade and required quite a few swipes on my arm to get the swatch below. Thankfully, when used over another shadow it applies fine using a dry brush (although I think this shadow is best applied with your fingers).

Above is Solstice on its own (top) then over MAC Quarry (middle) and MAC Mystery (bottom). It  gives each shadow a green-shift but definitely more so when used over a brown shade. I like how it adds dimension to these colours, and creates a very different look. Rather than having to go out and buy a bunch of new eyeshadows, you can revamp the ones that you already own.

I love Urban Decay, but don't have that many products by them (except for my Naked 3 palette and a few lipsticks/lip liners). So I'd love your recommendations!

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