Soap and Glory 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Matte Lipsticks

I've been on a hunt to buy some lipsticks for everyday use - I kept looking in my makeup drawers and only being able to find reds and berry tones. I've also been on the look out for matte lipsticks, because I wanted something a little bit more long lasting. I came across the Soap and Glory lipsticks, and knew that I had to try them. Plus, they were on buy one get one half price in Boots so I decided that was excuse enough...

I love the matte black packaging, and they just feel superior in quality to some of the other lipsticks that I own. I bought Super Nude (continuing my quest to find the perfect nude) and Blush Pink. The latter was an impulse purchase but I'm really glad I picked it out!

I spotted Super Nude on a few other blogs and decided that I had to try it, because the only other matte nudes I was interested in were MAC. It was out of stock on the Boots website, and the store locator came back with very few options (I'm not trekking up to Lancaster for a lipstick!). A few days ago I was mooching through a tiny little Boots while my Mum was doing the food shop; lo and behold, there was Super Nude! So of course I had to buy it, because who knows when I'd see it again?

L: Blush Prink; R: Super Nude

These lipsticks are not drying at all; they're soft and hydrating, with the gorgeous smell of cocoa butter. The colour is buildable (I tried to get the 'full colour' in the below photos), and they're great because you can get away with applying without using a mirror. 

Blush Pink is a beautiful rose colour. I think the cooler undertone actually makes it more suitable for winter, but I'll probably be wearing it all year round. It's creamy and subtle, enhancing the natural colour of my lips. A great one for cool toned pale skin!

Super Nude is very similar to Topshop Whimsical (although a little bit darker and less orange) but the formula is a lot lot better. I love Whimsical but it can be a little bit patchy, so if you've been considering trying it buy Super Nude instead! I'm not sure if this is my 'perfect nude' because on me it comes out a little bit peachy. But I still love it, and think it will be a great one to balance a heavy eye look. 

Blush Pink

Super Nude

They cost a little bit more than I'd usually pay for a lipstick, but I think it's totally worth it!

Soap and Glory lipsticks are £9 each and available at Boots

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