Starting a MAC eyeshadow palette

MAC Naked Lunch Jest Satin Taupe Sable Mystery Cranberry Sketch

A year ago, I'd never owned anything from MAC. Now, I'm slowly trying different things out. I decided to start building my own palette, because I wanted to fill in my eyeshadow collection and cover all the bases in terms of colour/finish.
What really sealed the deal was Laura at having a blog sale where I picked up 4 shadows (Naked Lunch, Jest, Satin Taupe and Mystery) for £12! Bargain. Not long after I was feeling spendy and got Sable, Cranberry and Sketch. I know it's bad, considering I got a Stila palette for Christmas but I just love eyeshadows!

Top Row: Naked Lunch, Jest
Middle Row: Satin Taupe, Sable, Mystery
Bottom row: Cranberry, Sketch

I like that I can build up my collection with anything I like. I want to try and create as many looks as possible; ones that are different from other palettes that I own. Part of me wants to take my time to build this up, but it might be hard to resist temptation considering that there's a MAC counter 5 minutes from my office!

I've actually recently spotted that I have a £5 voucher on my Debenhams Beauty card. I think I'll spend it on a new shadow, but I can't decide which to pick! Do you guys have any suggestions? I've been looking at wookwinked, quarry, antiqued and cork, but I'm just not sure!

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