February Favourites

Another month down! This month I had a play around with my blog layout, and finally went and got myself a proper template. I'm really pleased with it; hopefully it looks a bit more professional! Anyway, here are my February favourites...

Clothes & Beauty

MaxFactor Khol Pencil in Brown

I rediscovered this whilst clearing out my makeup drawers. I'd not really bothered with this after purchasing it - I think I got it to make some money up for bonus points in Boots? Anyway, I'm really glad I bought it. This sounds crazy to believe, but I've been using it on my water/tight line and it lasts the whole day! And the fact that it's brown means that it's a lot less harsh compared to using black.

Natural Collection Lip Lines in Mulberry

I picked this up on a whim thanks to a special offer in Natural Collection. It's unlike any other lip pencil I own - a lovely pink/red shade. I'm so obsessed with the colour, even though I'm not sure what lipstick I'd pair it with - I've just been wearing it all over my lips with a bit of balm/gloss over the top. It's probably more of an Autumn shade, but I don't care. It's still cold where I am!

No7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush in Pink Blush

Unfortunately this is a tricky one for me to recommend to people, because it was a special edition product that came in a 'free gift with purchase' set at Christmas. But I think it makes me a cream blush convert. It's kind of a cream to powder formulation and really easy to blend, I just swipe it on and go, meaning that I can actually wear it on a work day (I don't really leave much time for makeup in a morning, I'd rather have more time in bed). I also featured the No7 highlighter from the same range in my November Favourites.

Office Frankie Ankle Boots - still available here

I am so pleased with myself when it comes to this purchase. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that I've been looking for a good pair of black ankle boots for years. I find it tricky, being a size 5.5, and often can't wear shoes unless they're lace up. I saw these months ago, but decided that the £75 price tag was way too much for me. Cut to a few weeks ago and I spot them for £45. Still pretty pricey, but I couldn't say no, plus a size 6 fits perfectly with an insole in them. They're so comfy and go with absolutely everything. I'm in love.


Kris' Kindle

My boyfriend, Kris, got a new Kindle for Christmas, meaning that his old Kindle was just lying around. He pushed me to take it in order to encourage me to read during my commute (I felt too self-conscious to take my iPad). It's really helped; I can get through books a lot quicker if I use my train time wisely - especially when you consider I've spent pretty much the whole of February struggling to get through Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas (not sure why, just felt like a hard slog). It has made me consider buying one of my own, a paperwhite so that I can have a backlight, but for now this is just fine. It's helping me save shelf space, and enables me to be lazy and read lying down/with one hand.

Film & TV


I'd been waiting forever for this film to come out. I was so worried that it might be terrible, but oh how I was wrong! It's the best superhero movie that I've seen in a long while; I've just been recommending this to everyone that I speak to. Ryan Reynolds should just stick to comedy roles; he really shines in them. Anyone remember Two Guys and a Girl? God, I miss that show...

Brooklyn 99

Kris kind of insisted that I start watching this, because he was. Plus, I'd been noticing a lot of gif sets around on Tumblr. I don't know why I didn't watch this sooner, I love it - I can't even pick a favourite character, because they all make me smile. I'm completely caught up now, and gutted that I have to go back to waiting a week to watch a new episode, like a peasant...


Chocolate Covered Ricecakes

I kind of got into these because my boss (who's gluten intolerant) eats them. I picked up a pack impulsively during my lunch break, and now I want them all the time. I actually think I prefer them to regular biscuits, which is good because they're a damn sight healthier! Obviously though, they're not the healthier option if all you want to do is eat the whole packet...
I like the Kallo ones, as pictured above, or the Metcalfe's ones that come in packs of three. It's just a shame that they're tricky to find, even though there are loads and loads of shops near my office. I think I just need to buy them in bulk...

Harry Potter Lego Years 5-7

This was a bit of a blast from the past for me. I bought a new laptop back in January, and was in the process of transferring all my programs when I spotted that Steam doesn't cloud save everything you've played. This included Lego Harry Potter. I was bored, so thought I'd start a new game. This month I've just ended up playing through the whole thing again whilst I watch tv. It's not the most amazing game, it can be quite glitchy, but it's definitely fun!

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