September Favourites

You know you can always rely on a monthly favourites post!

Clothes & Beauty

Witch Blemish Gel
This is the second time in 2016 that a Witch product has featured in my monthly favourites (the last one was back in May). I bought this because I couldn't find the other one, so thought I'd give it a try. I've been using this to ward off any small spots before they get nasty. If you dab a bit of this stuff on, it tends to minimise redness and stop them from erupting. You'd think at 23 you'd stop getting spots, but nah.

M&S Dolly Court Shoes (available here)
I bought these for my Dad's wedding next month. I wanted something with a small heel so I wouldn't have to worry about wearing them all day (and wouldn't have to worry about towering over Kris). They have insolia so are cushioned underneath your feet. I haven't actually tried wearing them all day yet, but they seem great and were a steal at just £25.


Sammy's Hill
I bought this forever ago; it's been giving me serious book guilt! After finishing my Princess Diaries marathon I decided to give it a go. I'm not usually one for chick lit, but I did enjoy this. The first half is a neurotic working girl type story, but then it morphs into a more political comedy as Sammy goes on the presidential campaign trail. Written by Kristin Gore, tv writer and daughter of former Vice President Al Gore, I had high hopes for this one. Certainly not the most innovative and amazing romcom ever, but overall an enjoyable book to read!

Pottermore Short Stories
After lots and lots of Harry Potter releases/teasers/etc. recently, I was starting to worry that things were going a bit overboard. But these three short stories, presented by Pottermore, were a pleasant surprise. I just thought they'd be reeling off stuff from the original Pottermore website, but a lot of it was new content. It's really interesting too, you get a lot more insight into some of your favourite characters, subjects and settings. They were short and sweet, perfect for my commute, but left me wanting more! Also, I did the Patronus Quiz and got a ragdoll cat. I think it's pretty accurate!

Film & TV

Bake Off

But of course I had to include Bake Off; it'd be rude not to! Is it just me, or have the bakers been a little bit worse than usual this year? I don't know, they just don't seem up to scratch, but we'll see! This year of course has been full of its own drama. I'm on the side that's not chuffed with the prospect of it moving to Channel 4. I'm a BBC gal through and through! But I digress, I'm just so glad that this is back on our tellies.

Bridget Jones' Baby

I suppose we're back on the 'chick' stuff again with this one. I have always loved Bridget, both in book and film form (although Mad About the Boy was très disappointing). I don't go to the cinema that often (which is odd, because when I was younger I went all the time) but I couldn't resist when my sister suggested we go on her last night before moving to uni. I laughed out loud a lot, which was pleasantly surprising. It's right on form and the whole thing made me feel very nostalgic. I'd see it again in a heartbeat, and I kind of want to re-read the books now...

Food & Drink

Holland and Barrett Honey Roasted Nuts
I am an awful snacker; I also eat too much sugar. I basically need to lose a stone or two but have no willpower or motivation. So I've been trying to make little changes. Then I discovered Holland and Barrett's honey roasted peanuts (above they are chocolate coated, but the cashews are roasted). These are surprisingly low in sugar, a source of protein and you only need to eat a few to satisfy your cravings. I had a 125g bag of peanuts and it lasted me weeks! They're not cheap, but I suppose it's not too bad when they last that long. I also signed up for a rewards card last month, and have so far earned £1.75 in coupons (admit it, you're jealous).

What have been your September Favourites?

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