Why you should apply for The Juice Academy graduate programme

Back at the beginning of November I celebrated my one year work anniversary. Even though I'm due to move onto a new job in the next few weeks, I really value my time at Pharmacist Support. I've learned so much, and I wouldn't be here without The Juice Academy.

Next Tuesday is The Juice Academy's second graduate boot camp and there's still time to apply (applications close on the 28th November). If you already have, here's what to expect...

Boot camp was such a surreal experience. As the first cohort, we didn't really know what to expect. I turned up and found myself in a room filled with people; we all had numbers and took part in different tasks whilst employers observed and asked questions. It's one of those situations where you want to be seen and heard, but not be the only voice. You need to stand out for the right reasons!

We had to introduce ourselves in 30 seconds, produce a Vine together (RIP) and basically show off our skills. These employers didn't know anything about us, they hadn't seen our CVs, so it was really about who you are as a person. After lunch we had 'speed dating' interviews with each of the employers and a small copywriting task. I know a lot of people who found boot camp fun, but I definitely found it hard!

However the most stressful part was definitely the waiting. At the end of a long day we waited and waited (and waited) to see if our number was called. Thankfully I secured a place at Pharmacist Support and was so relieved!

This was my reaction when being told to pose for a photo. Smooth.

When I graduated in 2014 I contemplated doing a masters in marketing. I wasn't sure where to start, so put it off. I'm so glad I did because The Juice Academy graduate scheme turned out so much better! It was six months of on the job experience with intensive training from social media experts. And I got paid, instead of me paying them! So if you want something that looks good on your CV, whilst earning you money and experience, I'd definitely recommend! And I of course can't forget all of the friends I made along the way; by the end of six months we really were a family!

You can find out more about their graduate programme here; there's still time to apply before the boot camp!

Alternatively, you can apply for their social media apprentice scheme here!

* photos credited to The Juice Academy and Tangerine PR

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