Christmas wrapping, featuring Paperchase

With all of my Christmas shopping finished and all of my presents wrapped, I thought I'd publish a quick post about wrapping paper. Because I actually prefer giving than receiving gifts. It's the best time of year; you can go into Paperchase and go mad!

I had a few rolls of wrapping paper from last year - my trusty sprout wrapping paper and my woodland animal paper. I also bought a white/gold wood effect one but ran out pretty quickly. It looked really lovely with a red ribbon on it!

I absolutely adore Paperchase's Christmas wrapping paper. It just gets better every year! This year I restrained myself and only bought three on their 3 for 2 offer - I went for the Astro paper, Woodland Stags, and the Pine Cone paper. I love them all, even though the pine cone one sheds glitter quite a bit!  The Astro paper seems to be the bloggers' favourite as I've been seeing it everywhere. I think it's my favourite too as it's really easy to work with. Thick wrapping paper feels wonderful and luxurious but it can be quite difficult to get a good fold! Sometimes the cheaper paper is the better.

My only problem with Paperchase wrapping paper is that it doesn't have a grid on the back, which is really useful when you're trying to cut a straight line (something that I'm terrible at). I've got all my presents ready and wrapped waiting for everyone under the tree, but part of me still years to go and buy more presents to wrap! I think I need to start a gift wrapping business...

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