Toni and Guy Fluid Metal Styler Unboxing and Review

I impulsively bought the Toni and Guy Fluid Metal Styler hair straighteners because they were on an Amazon Prime Deal for £24.99. With an RRP £90, it was hard to resist! These were limited edition last Christmas, but are still available online on their website and in Boots.

I think I've had my Mark Hill straighteners (the zebra print ones with the pink plates) for about 4 years now. They've served me in good stead, but can be quite heavy (which a lot of his electrics are). They are a bit of a pain for curling because they're almost square in shape. A couple of years ago I got a curling wand, but it just isn't strong enough to manage my thick hair. By the time I'd done my full head, the first curls would almost be straight again! So a straightener with decent curl/wave power was a must for me...

I was actually surprised by how small the Fluid Metal Styler was, which I can't decide whether it's a good or bad thing. They're lightweight an easy to use (unlike my Mark Hill hair straighteners), but if I grew my hair much longer then it'd take an age to straighten! 

The pouch is way too big for them, which means you could probably loads of other things in there - heat protection spray, sectioning clips, bobbles etc.
A big pouch is useful, but my only worry is that if I was traveling with the Fluid Metal Styler, the pouch would take up loads of room in my suitcase!

Their style is similar to that of GHDs. The shape is simple, with curved edges to help you curl and wave. They also have floating plates that can tilt from side to side, which really helps to curl without having to tug your hair through!

The switch is on the inside with a dial to change temperature. There's no indication of if/when they're ready to use, but apparently they'll heat up within 60 seconds. The range is an impressive 80 to 230 degrees, and to be honest I've found that you don't need them to be as hot as you would with other straighteners. This is due to the titanium technology in the plates, which minimise heat damage and flyaway hairs.

Inside the pouch is a removable heat mat, which is really useful because you can just plonk it down anywhere and not worry about a thing. It also has an automatic shut off feature, for any of you who are paranoid that you've left your straighteners on!

But who are we kidding here? I was mostly drawn to the Fluid Metal Styler because of its aesthetic! The iridescent plates are so cool, and make it look so much more interesting. The whole design of them oozes luxury (not too sure about the design of the pouch, however), and puts them on par with GHDs. I still think they're rather costly though, so keep an eye out for them when they're on offer!

I'd definitely recommend the Toni and Guy Fluid Metal Styler to anyone looking for a quality hair straightener that can also curl hair well, but I'm not too sure about that price tag! Seeing as they are apparently 'limited edition' they can only really get cheaper. With a 5 year warranty too, they're definitely a good purchase!

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