My High End Eyeshadow Palettes

I think my favourite type of makeup product is eyeshadow. It's something that I didn't really use for many years - I was more of a liquid eyeliner on its own kind of gal - but since I entered my 20s it became a firm favourite. And not just because it's beautiful to look at!

I have lusted after a lot of high end eyeshadow palettes in my time, but I've only ever purchased three - the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, Stila's Eyes Are The Window in Spirit, and my custom MAC x15 palette (more details of which can be found here).

For a better view, I've taken photos of the palettes in their entirety...

Since taking these photos (they've been sat in my Dropbox for a few months now), I've hit pan on Cork and almost hit pan on Woodwinked. You can see the use on Woodwinked above, it's no surprise that it featured in my March Favourites...

My MAC palette does get a lot of love, but I think it's tied with my Stila palette for my favourite. It's another one that's been featured in a Favourites Post. If I'm travelling, this is the palette I take because it's small and compact. You can get so many looks out of it too - I always chop and change and experiment with the colours. I think the grey shadows are the ones that get the least use, as they don't really go with the warmth of the other shadows. However, I'm really glad they're there because they're unlike anything else in my collection. When I was younger I was all about cool-toned eyeshadows and a grey smoky eye. However, my tastes have ended up a lot warmer over the past few years.

My Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is an example of this. The first high-end palette I bought, I actually picked this up second hand whilst I was a student (I saved £10 and it had only been lightly swatched). Part of me wishes I'd gone for the Naked 1 (I think the packaging had put me off), but I've got a lot of use out of my Naked 3 over the years. The shadows are so soft (unfortunately this leads to a lot of fall out) and it's perfect for a springtime rose gold eye. My favourite shades are some of the shades further to the right side of the palette, such as Liar, Factory, Mugshot and Darkside, although Strange, Limit and Nooner are absolute life savers - you always need some good matte shades. I actually remember having a mini palette back in the day (which I think came from Claire's Accessories, lol) with similar matte shades and I used that to death when I was a tween.

I'm trying to resist any big palette purchases for the moment, but there are so many beautiful ones out there. What're your favourites? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

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