Barry M Haul

A few weeks ago I popped into Superdrug and had a quick mooch down the makeup aisles. I didn't really need anything, but was in the mood to try something new. All of the products ended up being from Barry M, so I thought I'd do a little haul post!

First up is this Matte Me Up Lip Kit, which was actually a free gift with purchase, due to it being the brand's 35th birthday. It's in this lovely pink nude, with a slightly more coral toned lip liner. Considering I always tell people I'm not a fan of liquid lipsticks, I have been buying quite a lot recently! I like this one as it's lovely and subtle. As expected, not quite up to Colourpop's standards, but still a damn good product and a steal at £6.99. You view the other shades here.

Second up is the Illuminating Strobe Cream in Galactic. It was near impossible to pick up the true colour on camera, but this cream highlighter is an amazing holographic colour. I was actually looking for Frosty Pink, but the only ones out had been opened (seriously people, stop opening products in Boots/Superdrug, there's a tester there for a reason). 

This strobe cream is great if you have the "go hard or go home" attitude when it comes to highlighting. It can come out lovely and subtle too with light application, but it's definitely a more unusual choice.

My only problem with it thusfar is that it can lift foundation off if you're layering it on top. You end up with a congealed glowy foundation mess! But I think this is a problem that I've had with stick highlighters/blushers before so it's not a huge issue.

One product I haven't featured in this haul is a clear nail polish, but it seemed pointless to include. Unlike Gold Coast. It's a peachy-pink with gold glitter. I can't resist a good nail polish, and probably 90% of it is Barry M. Unfortunately, some of their nail polishes have a bit of a habit of chipping, but I don't care too much. Their colour selection is the best! This has pretty solid application, only needing 2 coats.

The final product didn't come from my trip to Superdrug, but from ASOS. I put through an order for my sister's birthday and threw this Neptune Colour Change Lip Paint into the basket. I'd swatched it in Superdrug and thought it was too unusual to pass by. 

It's less a lip paint and more of a stain. It transforms into a berry pink, and is super long lasting. A great product for making it look like you've made more effort than you have in reality!

Sometimes it's fun to pick up products that you wouldn't usually purchase! Barry M are definitely one of my favourite drugstore brands. What about you?

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