What's really in my bag

An oldie but a goodie! I've always loved What's In My Bag videos and blog posts, so thought I'd write one myself. I could try and make myself sound cool, but my life is definitely not glam. So I've just emptied out my bag and had a rummage through the contents!
My day-to-day bag is a Kate Spade Cedar Street Harmony (I think it's a Medium, but could be a Small). I bought it a few months ago from Hoopers in Harrogate, after I found one on sale. It was half price; I felt like I couldn't say no! My previous handbag was falling apart, so it definitely wasn't just an impulse buy...

I also have a Kate Spade purse, which was a Christmas present last year. I just kept breaking all of my cheap purses, so wanted something that'd last a bit longer. 8 months on and it's still going strong! I'd definitely recommend it. It's not the same blue as my bag, but still a good match.

I also try to carry around a book or my kindle, with the vague hope that it might encourage me to read more. When I was a commuter I'd get loads of reading done, especially if I was commuting out to Hebden Bridge/Mytholmroyd. Now I walk 15 mins to/from work, so it really just depends on whether I get any time in at lunch. I'm currently reading Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler, which is a nice short read. I recently finished A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas which, although I really enjoyed it, was a hard slog.

My glasses are from Specsavers, because I was poor at the time and needed the buy one get one free deal. They're lovely, but I probably don't wear them as much as I should. I really struggle with reading prices on products in places such as Boots, so keep my glasses at hand in case I can't get close enough to be 2mm away from the price tag.

I also keep enough medicines, plasters and pills to stock a small chemists. I live by Gaviscon Double Action to help when my stomach kicks off. 3 years on and you'd have thought I'd have cut trigger foods from my diet but nah, I'm going to keep eating cheese and chilli and just deal with the bloat and pain! But yes, I like to stay prepared. Especially for those times when your shoes start rubbing!

I've got a standard lip balm in my bag, currently a Nivea Hydro Care. This is one of my favourites, as I'm not a fan of petroleum jelly-based ones. It's usually this or something from Burts Bees. I also carry around hand sanitiser wherever I go, because I'm a bit of a germophobe but also hate having greasy hands if I go out for food. At the moment I've got Cuticura Original Hand Gel, but I've also been loving Carex's Bubblegum flavoured sanitiser recently - something about the smell is calming in a weird way?

My hair is very very thick, so I have a Tangle Teezer Compact Styler to help when it gets too knotty. I've been growing it long again, which I love, but if it gets windy at all I end up with my hair being a complete mess. I feel like I should have bought the Tangle Teezer that's specially for thick hair, as the bristles on this are a little bit short, but I like that it has a back on it so you don't end up with hair all over your bag.

I've also got a pair of headphones, obviously. I often walk around with them in even if I'm not listening to anything. I prefer using headphones when calling people so I can hear better, but I also like blocking out sound around me because it definitely helps with my anxiety. Mine are Samsung Earbuds, which came with my phone. I prefer these over my old Apple ones but hate how flimsy they are! These are my third pair, which is incredibly frustrating. At least iPhone ones are long-lasting!

What's really in your bag? Is it all neat and organised, or just a jumble of crap like mine?

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