What I got for Christmas!

This post comes to you with a slight delay, due to the fact that my family is spread out. Which means my presents get spread out! I really got some lovely things this year, so thought that I'd share.

Standard disclaimer: I don't want this post to seem like I'm showing off or bragging, I just want to write it to show my appreciation for the gifts that I got from my family!

Some of my gifts were complete surprises, others were not. Thanks to my constant eye on the sales, I managed to spot a few bargains and mention them to 'Santa'. In a Superdrug weekly deal, Armani Diamonds 100ml was half price, and I spotted the Stila Eyes Are the Window Palette in Spirit for a third off in ASOS! Bargain. I can't wait to use them both!

The books that I got this year were all non-fiction; I don't think I need any more novels at the moment! My sister bought me Q&A A Day, which really shows that have similar taste. She had no idea, but it's been on my Amazon wish list forever! My Stepdad gave me the next two, telling me "these are because I know you". He really does. The Harry Potter Colouring Book and the Infographic Guide to the Movies - both very me! I find the latter extra amusing because we bought him the Infographic Guide to Music (I also bought my boyfriend the Infographic Guide to Literature). Can you tell we like infographics?

I also received two bottles of The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Fragrance Mist, because I love the scent. I was surprised to receive two, so I'll be stocked up for a while! Coupled with some Accessorize vouchers and some trusty Primark Fluffy Socks (although one pair unfortunately shed like crazy), I got some lovely stocking fillers.

So pretty!

My Dad is a star and helped me out by getting me a new TV. My old one was a bit old and small so I rarely watched it (I could barely see what was going on, I always had to wear my glasses). My boyfriend managed to get an old Blu-ray player off his uncle, as well as buying me The Complete Harry Potter Collection on Blu-ray. My main present off Kris however was some nerdy prints that he found on Etsy. I love the Lord of the Rings ones because they look like old vintage travel posters! He also got some cool Star Wars prints too, and three Jurassic Park ones (only one is pictured below though). I just need to find some frames so that I can hang them all up!

Continuing the geeky theme, I also got Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit. I can't wait to play, although my sister reckons the questions might be too easy for us...

Even more perfume came my way in the form of Paul Smith Rose, which has a lovely subtle scent. My brothers got me a Dansk Smykkekunst necklace, which is unlike anything I own. I have a lot of dainty necklaces on chains, but this is really a statement. I love how it incorporates both scratched plate and shiny silver. I got a few more vouchers from iTunes and Amazon, one of which came tucked inside a gorgeous notebook. It's slate grey with gold spots; almost too good to write in!

I loved all of my presents this year, and hopefully my family/friends loved the ones that I bought them!

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