House of Fraser Haul: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick and MAC Eyeshadows (+ swatches)

The other week I accidentally went to House of Fraser and accidentally bought one of the new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. Then I slipped and fell into the MAC counter and picked up two new eyeshadows. Oops.

So I bought the Urban Decay Vice in Backtalk and MAC Cork and Woodwinked. All three are very popular within the blogging community, and I'm really glad I have them in my collection. I really wanted to try one of the new Urban Decay lipsticks, because I've only ever tried their eyeshadows before.

Along with what feels like every other blogger, I chose Backtalk. It's a Comfort Matte formula in a mauvey pink. It seems to photograph warm (and in some lights looks this colour too), but it's a cool-toned pink. When I first tried this on, I realised that it was everything I wished that MAC Pink Plaid was. Pink Plaid washes me out so badly, which I didn't expect. I thought it'd be great for someone with pale skin, but Pink Plaid makes me look ill. Backtalk is perfect. The formula is matte without being drying, and feels light on your lips. It's unscented too, which is a nice change. I never tried Urban Decay's lipsticks before the repackage - I'm not a fan of lipsticks that are rounded because I find them difficult to apply! With a more traditional shaped lipstick, the point makes it so much easier to use precisely.

As for the MAC eyeshadows, I always end up going to the counter and swatching everything they do. I decided to get Cork because it works really well as a brow shade for redheads. It means if I'm travelling I can just pack my palette and not have to worry about bringing any brow pencils. I've got a lot of use out of it already, although I haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet.

I got Woodwinked to go with Cork, but realised it goes well with quite a few colours from my palette. It isn't the most pigmented gold shade that MAC does (for that I'd maybe go for something like Goldmine or Amber Lights) but I quite like using it to add a bit of shimmer. I've been packing it on with a dense brush in the centre of my eyelid, often over the top of Sable, which is probably my all time favourite.

L-R: Urban Decay Backtalk, MAC Cork, MAC Woodwinked

I also picked up a leaflet from the Urban Decay counter that lists every lipstick in the Vice collection. It seriously makes me want to buy more! I feel like they need to do this with other brands too, as I like having a full list of what's on offer. I have my eye on Ravenswood, Crisis, Hitch Hike and probably a fair few more!

As for my MAC palette, only 2 spaces left! Haven't really got any eyeshadows on mind for now though; I'll have to get my thinking cap on...

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