An Hourglass Dupe? Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Review (+ swatches)

I always see people post photos of Hourglass powders and they just look so beautiful, but way out of my price range. I think if I spent that much on a powder/blush I'd feel guilty forever. I love a good dupe, so popped over to the Makeup Revolution counter in Superdrug!

I didn't go for the original Radiance Palette because I was terrified by the bronze shade! I just knew I wouldn't use it so went for the paler option. This is the Beyond Radiance Palette, which features three finely-milled subtle highlighters.

The white shade is so light, even showing up on my pale skin. It's probably the shiniest out of the three and is great for highlighting the brow bone. I am excited to try it on my cheekbones to see if I can achieve that subtle glow! This is seemingly a dupe for the Hourglass Ethereal Light. 

The pink shade is a lot closer to my skin tone (see the swatches below) and is apparently a dupe for Hourglass Iridescent Light. This one works well when lightly dusted all over the face - it does seem slightly glittery but not in a way that's super noticable. 

The bronze shade (I say bronze, it's probably more of a nude on darker skintones) looks like it'd be great if you want to add some colour to your face. However, I'm yet to really try this one out. I feel like it could possibly work as a subtle contour for pale skin? We'll see. It's also meant to be a dupe for Hourglass Dim Light/Luminous Light.

I feel like this palette is only worth it if you're pale skinned. These powders are so subtle and I think it'll take a couple of experiments for me to really find a way to use them well. They're buildable, so it'll be interesting to see what you can achieve with them.
If you want to highlight but avoid powders with chunks of glitter in them, then this product is for you!

The Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Palette is £8 and can be found here

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