October Favourites

The clocks have gone back, the nights are darker, and we're officially hitting Autumn. Here are my October favourites!

NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder
I bought this months ago (it was featured in a New Beauty Buys post), but didn't really use it until this month. I mean I absolutely adore my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, but this just feels so light! It's almost like putting icing sugar on your face, in a weird way. It makes my base products feel safe and secure, and I know it can be a bit messy but I love it!

Maybelline Color Show 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Spot Light
I used to be utterly obsessed with nail polish. Now I don't really buy any unless it's speed dry. My Dad got married at the beginning of this month, and the day before I found myself in Tesco looking for nail polish (none of the ones that I'd brought with me went with my dress). I went with a blue/grey colour, but also bought Spot Light because there was an offer. And I'm utterly obsessed with it. At a distance it just looks like black nail polish, but then up close there is so much glitter! I was worried that it'd just be clear-ish nail polish with glitter, but two coats and you've got a solid colour. It's very similar to a Topshop nail polish (I think it's called Gypsy Night) that I already have but is almost completely dried up. Such a great find for a panic buy in Tesco!

Look at the sparkles!

Anna Karenina on Audible
I first read Anna Karenina back in 2012. It took me ages to read and was really hard going. I decided to try listening to it on Audible, in the hope that it'd further my understanding of the novel. It's 38 hours long and I'm only about a quarter of the way through, but I'm really enjoying it. Back in July I wrote an advice post for reading classical literature, and now I think I need to add that audiobooks are a good way to go!

Rick and Ed's Mexican Street Food

Since the floods, Mytholmroyd has spent a lot of time getting back on its feet. Everything is pretty much back to normal now, but if you're looking for food in the evening then you're pretty much stuck with Sainsbury's or the Co-op. And so food trucks seem to do a roaring trade. Our favourite is Rick and Ed's Mexican Street Food. It's just two local blokes and a whole lot of good food! I love their chilli cheese fries and jalapeno poppers! I think it doesn't help that I walk past them parked outside The Libertine on the way home from the train station; the smell is just too tempting. They're all over Calderdale during the week, so they're always nearby. You can follow them on Facebook here

Quaker Super Goodness Porridge
For a long time I have struggled with porridge. For years I've been eating Ready Brek because my stomach couldn't handle the 'grown up' stuff. But in the past few months I've got back on it, and decided to try Super Goodness. It contains not just oats, but barley, quinoa and flaxseeds. It has added vitamins and generally makes me feel better about myself when eating it. I have to admit, it's not as tasty as normal porridge but I just pour a bit of honey on it!

Veggie Percy Pigs
When it comes to Percy Pigs, I was always a Percy Piglets gal. However, Veggie Percys have become my new favourite. I bought some when I was doing a bit of shopping for a potluck lunch at work, because we have veggies and vegans in the office. Now I've realised that they taste so much better without gelatin. They're soft and foamy instead of chewy. I can't resist buying them whenever I'm in the M&S Food Hall!

Xbox One S
So Kris and I had been talking about buying an Xbox for ages, but didn't think we needed one urgently. We had decided to wait until we got our own place, but then found a good deal online so couldn't resist. I mentioned back in August that I was loving Overwatch - I'm no longer 'pretty bad', I'm actually pretty good! I've been obsessed with playing it whenever I visit Kris. It kind of sucks that it's at his house, but hopefully soon we'll have a place together so I can play as much as my heart desires! I'm also looking forward into getting stuck into other Xbox games that until now I've been missing out on!

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