Dr Martens Docs For Life

I haven't owned a pair of Doc Martens since I was a little kid. I had a pair of blue croc boots and a pair of burgundy sandals and loved them both to death. I walk 30 minutes each way for work, so I've really come to appreciate durable and comfy shoes. I've already worn down through a pair of Timberlands (which is pretty disappointing considering the cost) so I thought I'd try some Docs For Life...
The Docs For Life scheme is great. They come with a lifetime guarantee; if you wear them out they'll repair or replace them. They're made differently to regular Docs so that they're more durable and comfortable.

I went for the shoes so that they'd be appropriate for work. They only come in black or burgundy; I went for the former as both Kris and my Stepdad have them in red. I was worried they'd look too masculine for my tastes but they really aren't that clunky. I've been breaking them in and although they started off pretty stiff (the leather is pretty thick) they're a lot more comfortable now. As you can see they do crease a lot over the top of the foot where the toes bend; I this is partially due to the style and the fact that they're quite high over the toes. But the leather is so durable that it looks fine.

With the shoes I got a spare pair of laces and a sample size of their Wonder Balsam (the girl in the Manchester store actually gave me two mini tubs, so I'm stocked up for a while). The Balsam is a blend of coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax that helps protect the leather. It keeps them clean and protected against water, oil and salt. This is great if you're like me and you hate polishing shoes! 

I advise going a size down if you're trying on Docs For Life - the leather is a lot thicker and the style more spacious. I'm usually a 5.5 so bought a 5 and they have plenty of room. They're pretty steep at £165 for a pair (£185 if you get boots), but I did manage to get student discount - I'm so glad I renewed my card for 3 years just before I graduated!

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