My Perfume Collection

I love buying perfume. I don't really think I'm a one scent kind of gal, and I'm always trying out testers when I'm in Boots/Debenhams/John Lewis etc.
I feel like I'm always hunting for that 'perfect scent' that'll become my one perfume, but until then I'll just keep collecting...

I bought YSL Elle back in November 2015 after finding it in the Debenhams Beauty Sale. I originally got this perfume as a Christmas present off my Dad's then girlfriend (now wife). It makes me feel so nostalgic when I smell it. It has woody and floral notes and I love it. Although I've read that they're discontinuing it so I might have to stock up! 

Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue: Escape to Panarea was a birthday present to myself when I turned 22. It was the last one left and only a small bottle, which is a shame because I love the smell! It's so light and fresh whilst being quite a strong scent. I use it so sparingly because I don't want to run out; the only place I can find bottles of this is on Amazon, and I don't quite trust buying perfume from there!

The cheapest perfume on this list is my favourite scent from The Body Shop - Indian Night Jasmine. This stuff I use loads of on a work day because I don't have to worry too much about using it up (it's only £18 a bottle). I also use the body spray if I want a lighter version. I've tried a lot of The Body Shop's scents and this is definitely my favourite.

For Christmas 2015 my parents bought me a 100ml bottle of Armani Diamonds. I remember when I tried this out in Boots I kept sniffing the wrist for the rest of the day - that's when I knew I had to have it. This is probably my day-to-day perfume, when I'm not using Indian Night Jasmine. Luckily this perfume tends to go on offer quite a lot, so my mum managed to pick up this massive bottle for half price. I love a good deal!

Onto my most recent purchases! I featured Ghost Deep Night in my Purple Haul post, because I'd wanted to repurchase it for ages. Another perfume from my teen years; I love how masculine the scent is. I don't know how to describe it, it just smells sexy. 

I saved up my Boots points for almost two years to buy Chloé Love Story. It felt like such an achievement when I ordered it. I used to have L'eau de Chloé when I was at university, but never felt like it was 100% 'my scent'. Love Story is a lot more on the feminine side - if I'm quite honest it smells different from what I remember from trying it out in the shop (maybe I accidentally tried the wrong one), but I still really like it. It's clean and fresh and flowery without being horrendously over the top. It's very different from Deep Night because it's lovely and subtle. I'm excited to use it more!

What're your favourite perfumes?

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