March Favourites

This year I've become very much in favour of doing my favourites bi-monthy. I was finding it difficult each month to come up with enough items to include in a post, now I have too many to choose from!

MAC Woodwinked
I bought this last summer because I wanted to see what the hype was about. If I'm quite honest, I wasn't particularly enamoured with it at first. It just didn't seem that pigmented. But I think I've found my perfect combination - I use Omega (pictured) or Wedge as a base then use Woodwinked all over the lid. It's my standard eyeshadow look and I use it almost every day when I'm at work. It makes me look like I've made an effort without really putting any in!

The Body Shop Black Musk Body Spray
This was a bit of a spontaneous find. I'm particularly fond of The Body Shop body sprays (or 'fragrance mists' if you're going to be fancy), as they're just a quick and easy alternative to perfume - they have the strength of an eau de toilette without the price tag. I usually go for the Indian Night Jasmine, as I also have the perfume, but I thought I'd mix it up a little. Black Musk is kind of sickly sweet in a way, but also dark and sexy. I like the strong vanilla scent, as it's a bit different to the other fragrances that I own.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here
It might be surprising to some, but before this I'd never read a book by Patrick Ness. I spotted this on Goodreads a while ago, and loved the concept. What if you weren't the Chosen One? The one fighting zombies, aliens, getting sick or falling in love with vampires? I love that this book pokes fun at the YA fantasy genre, whilst remaining a sort of homage to it. Definitely a must read; it's just so much fun whilst being quite poignant. It has a brilliant and interesting portrayal of mental health too. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Audiobook
I used my March Audible credit to buy the special Red Nose Day edition of Fantastic Beasts, with updated creatures and narration by Eddie Redmayne. I really think it makes the book ten times better having Eddie read it, as it increases its 'realism'. I really love that they've included sound effects too, it creates a great ambiance. I obviously have a paper copy of the book, but it's so much better in an audiobook format. And with the proceeds going to Lumos/Comic Relief, it's money well spent!

Fearne on Fashion
I follow Fearne Cotton on social media and saw her posting about her series of shorts with the Huffington Post. I ended up watching the whole playlist on Youtube one afternoon. Fearne gives us a behind the scenes peek at the fashion industry, meeting some absolute legends. I do love Fearne, and feel like I've grown up with her around. The series definitely appealed to the teenage Laura who was obsessed with fashion!

Peep Show
For some reason this month I rewatched the whole of Peep Show. All those programmes out there that I've been itching to watch, all those Blu-rays that I've bought, and I decide to binge watch a series that I've seen before (and funnily enough, I've included it in a Favourites post before). But it's just so good - Kris and I put a few episodes on just to chill, then both ended up getting hooked again. The earlier series are possibly the most cringey, but the comedy is so consistent (and so quotable). If you didn't watch it the first time round, you're missing out! Good thing it's on Netflix...

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