Disappointing Products

When I'm buying makeup I can be a creature of habit, buying the same product time and time again until it's discontinued. However I do like trying something new, and thankfully most of the time it turns out well. But I've been clearing out my makeup stash recently, and decided to write a post about the products that I haven't been in love with...

First up are two products by Too Faced - their Shadow Insurance and their Better Than Sex Mascara. I think the problem with Too Faced Shadow Insurance is not a fault with its primary purpose - it's actually pretty good at making your eyeshadow last and look more pigmented - I always seem to have trouble with using it. I have a little sample sized one, but always seem to end up with too much product on my fingers! I think I need to be more gentle. I got this in January 2016 and it was a dream for a little while, but before I knew it it had gone watery and the ingredients separated. Every time I squeezed the tube a bit of oily liquid would come out first (think tomato ketchup pre-cum) meaning that it's basically unusable now. Which is a terrible shame - I'm glad I didn't get a full-sized one!

As for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, it's less a fault with the product and more that it just isn't for me - yes it makes my lashes wonderful and thick, but I always end up with it all over my eyelids too. The brush is just a little bit too big. I still like using it, but it's definitely not my first choice.

I love trying out new types of products, but one thing that I've always had trouble getting on with is highlighters. Powder highlighters are just not for me. I own the MUA Undress Your Skin highlighter and the Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter and barely reach for either. I feel like my brush barely picks up any product and I end up using my fingers. Either that, or it's the opposite and I end up with glitter everywhere! I much prefer cream highlighters and ones in the crayon/chubby stick style. My favourite is one that I picked up from No7.

The final products in my disappointment list are Rimmel lipsticks. This isn't necessarily about colour, payoff or formulation, they're pretty similar to most drugstore lipsticks, it's the smell! I can't stand the smell of Rimmel lipsticks! It's just so sickly sweet. Give me cocoa, vanilla, or unscented! Both of these lipsticks featured in a New Beauty Buys post I did last year; they are Rimmel Kate Moss 03 and Rimmel The Only 1 in Under My Spell. I bought these as drugstore alternatives to MAC Velvet Teddy and Rebel respectively, but part of me wishes I just splashed the extra cash! I want to like them, but I think I just prefer the quality that you get with high end lipsticks.

Do you have any makeup regrets? I like trying out new products, but want to avoid the bad ones!

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