Summer Sales Spree: Shopping in Manchester

So I decided to swear off buying make up after last week's haul, and ended up buying clothes instead. My poor bank account! Today I went into Manchester with my mum and sister, where I bagged a couple of deals. I visited Topshop, New Look, Marks and Spencer, Boots and Primark.

All in a day's work!

First up, Topshop. Yes, I caved and bought something with dinosaurs on it. The jumper was reduced to £12, so I'm not even sorry. It's awesome. And so warm; the fluffiness on the inside reminds me of when you get a new jumper at primary school. I think it's considered to be 'loungewear', because I found it in the pyjama section. But I think I can get away with wearing it outside the house, right?

For £20 I got a Geometric Panel Bodycon Dress. Not exactly the most bright and summery of dresses, but I was instantly drawn to it. The black panels make it flattering, obviously, but the knitted fabric just sucks your body in! It's a very comfy design and, despite the thickness of the fabric, I think it can be styled for the summertime if I can find the right accessories!

In New Look I picked up a striped ringer tee, the same as this one here, but in navy. I already have one of the plain t-shirts in the same style, and I love how soft they are (probably due to being made from viscose). I probably didn't need it, but I can't resist a stripy tee!

In Marks and Spencer, I found some high waisted denim shorts on sale for £18. I love these because they're just so flattering! I find if you buy denim shorts in more 'trendy' shops, you end up with half of your bum hanging out! Not a good look.
These cover your bum and come down long enough to prevent any 'chub rub' at the top of your thigh. I went for a size up, because the fabric has very little elasticity to it. I love the wash of the denim, and the rose gold button is an extra bonus!

So I sort of broke my promise not to buy any more make up. But I used my Boots points to buy these, so I don't mind too much. I finally convinced myself to buy Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish in Eat My Dust and Road Rage. I love them, and can't wait to try them. The offer in boots included a free Gelly Nail Paint so I decided on Blood Orange, because you always need a red nail polish!
In Primark I picked up an Egg Makeup Sponge, which I found for £1.50 near the till. I have been interested in buying a Beauty Blender for a while now, but was unsure about whether a make up sponge was right for me. So I'm trying this. Obviously, it's not going to be as good, but for that price it's worth a try. It does appear very similar, except that the teardrop shape is not as pointy as the Beauty Blender. It might make it difficult to use under the eyes? I'm interested to try this out...

Definitely my favourite ring from the set!
I also bought a set of rings for £2. They're all gold, and a number of them have pastel coloured stones set in them. I think the one pictured above is my favourite; I can't resist a good pastel blue. They're a little bit large for my fingers, but I gave up looking for them in a small. Primark on Market Street on a Saturday is just too busy!

And this time, I really do promise not to buy any more cosmetics. Or clothing items, for that matter. I think I just need to stop spending full stop. Which is hard when I read so many blogs recommending me things!


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