Debenhams Beauty: Treat Yo Self

I can't resist a good deal on beauty products. Debenhams really lured me in with their 10% off offer! How often do you get 10% off MAC? (well, apart from all of the crazy Black Friday deals that've been around recently)

As I mentioned in my November Favourites, I got a new job! so these purchases were my little treat to myself, because I've had my eye on them forever!

First up is YSL Elle (also mentioned in my November Favourites). I kept seeing this in the Debenhams Beauty sale for weeks and weeks, at half price. I finally caved, because I owned this perfume a few years ago and loved it. The notes are peony, pink berries and patchouli.

I tried not to go mad with this order, but ended up getting two lipsticks from MAC: Brave and Mehr. There's a bit of a back story behind my Brave purchase. I had an agreement with my boyfriend that I had to earn the right to buy it by being 'brave'. Overcoming my anxiety issues is an ongoing and difficult process, but I think I'm definitely becoming braver. It's almost as though this lipstick will become my armour and make me more courageous. It might sound silly to some, but Brave is an important lipstick for me.

Mehr was a bit of an impulse purchase, just because it looked like a beautiful colour. It's very similar to my natural lips, meaning that it's really wearable. I'm interested in pairing it with a slightly darker lipliner underneath, but I'm unsure what to try (suggestions will be greatly appreciated). It's matte without being drying, which I love.

Left: Brave; Right: Mehr

Am trying to restrain myself from spending all my money away, especially considering that Christmas is around the corner! But I love my purchases, and will definitely be shopping on the Debenhams website again. Fingers crossed for more 10% off offers!

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  1. I've wanted Brave for such a long time. Hope you enjoy it! xx

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