December Favourites

Last monthly favourites of the year, argh! Definitely got a few good ones in this month. I can't wait to see what 2016 brings...

Clothes & Beauty

NYX Proof It!
As a serial crybaby/someone whose eyes water when it's windy, I feel like this product is just made for me. My eye watering problem didn't used to be so bad, but now I feel like I heavily rely on waterproof mascara. Rather than chuck all the non-waterproof ones away, I purchased this. I was a bit skeptical, but it really works! In fact, it's difficult to make your mascara budge at all.

MAC Brave
This one has been in my sights for a while, and last month I was brave and purchased it. And it's just perfect. A lovely nude colour, and easy enough to quickly apply when you're out and about. Definitely my new go-to lipstick; I can tell that it's going to be well loved.

OPI "Skating on thin Iceland"
Not gonna lie, it was the name that first drew me in. I spotted this online a few months back whilst I was mooching through OPI shades. Then, I came across it whilst wandering around TK Maxx. I decided it was meant to be and had to have it. It's a really lovely shade; I haven't had a purple nail polish in years. Needs a couple of coats to get a solid colour, but once you've done that you get a wonderfully rich purple colour.

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine in Ethereal 
As if I didn't need more nail polish in my life! I bought this on a whim whilst doing a Boots order. Back when I was a kid, pearlescent shades were all the range. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for those colours, so picked up this and 'Euphoria' (similar, but a lot darker). I love this nail polish because it's such a simple and easy to wear shade. It's not super pigmented so you can just pop it on with out any bother - it's a bit more exciting that just clear!

TK Maxx dressing gown
Not sure if you can tell, but the background for the above photo is actually my new dressing gown. I got it for Christmas from one of my friends as a Secret Santa present. It's so fluffy! Seriously, I never want to take it off.

Back Story

As mentioned in last month's favourites, I downloaded Audible. I picked Back Story first because I thought it'd be an interesting listen but one that didn't require me to pay too much attention. Perfect for listening to at work. As a long time David Mitchell fan, I knew I'd like it. He structures his memoir following a walk around London, and covers his life from childhood to present day (2012). I really enjoyed listening, and was particularly smitten with the penultimate chapter about him and Victoria Coren (Vicky is well loved in my house, big Only Connect nerds).

Film & TV

Peep Show

Interestingly, listening to David Mitchell's book coincided with the final series of Peep Show. I must admit, I don't think I've seen all the episodes of Peep Show, but I think I might go and watch them again to fill in the gaps (the earlier series were originally on past my bed time, meaning I had to catch up when they were repeated). I missed the few of the new episodes due to being busy, and caught up with them all in one go. It just left me cackling, I forgot how much I loved watching it!

Arthur Christmas

Unfortunately I didn't have much time to watch Christmas films this year, but there was one that I made my boyfriend sit down and watch with me. This is such an underrated film, I insist you all watch it next Christmas (or now even, who am I to judge?). Bryony the elf is the epitome of my little sister: I can wrap anything with three pieces of sticky tape! Three! There's always time for a bow!
Just watch it, I implore you. It's got a stellar voice cast!


Buying Christmas Presents!
I enjoy buying people presents far too much. Well, unless it's one of those 'hard to buy for' people, because that really stresses me out! But for anyone else, I love it! I almost wish I'd bought them more. I think I just like spending the months leading up to Christmas being observant and thinking of gifts that they'll really love. Hopefully they all liked what I bought them!

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