Adventures of an Agoraphobic: Liverpool (+ a mini haul)

I broke the routine; I actually went somewhere different this weekend! 

My work was attending an event at Liverpool John Moores on Saturday, so I volunteered to go. I dragged Kris along for the day out and after the event finished, we went and explored. I don't go to Liverpool very often, so it was nice to get out and go somewhere new.

I was fine with the train into Manchester, but the one to Liverpool made me quite anxious. I think I have a bit of a negative association with TransPennine trains - the scene of many a panic attack. Either that, or I was just stressed about having to go to an event and talk to students about the charity that I work for...

I managed to be quite healthy yesterday, not. Breakfast was a mushroom croissant and a coffee, lunch was Five Guys. Kris had never been to the latter and insisted that we went (sick of hearing me prattle on about how good it is, I assume). It was amazing, as per. I opted for the 'little hamburger', which turns out is just the regular hamburger with one less patty. So much for the healthy option. Part of me is glad that they don't have a Five Guys in Manchester, otherwise I'd end up going all the time! I'm not really a burger gal, but these are just too great to pass by.

I was so excited to go and explore town for a few hours after lunch, maybe do a bit of shopping. Unfortunately the city centre was just teeming with crowds everywhere - I tried to pick up a few essentials in Boots and ended up giving up and putting everything back! In Liverpool One they had this amazing seating area with shelves to swap books. If I wasn't dashing for the train, I would have stopped and had a browse!

I did manage to pick up a few things, despite the crowds. For £10 I got a monochrome flannel shirt, because I'm forever buying cotton/flannel shirts. Top marks for this one for not causing the dreaded 'boob gap'. Next up is this bag from Zara. I'd seen in a while ago on a few blogs, but never in person. I've been looking for a leather cross body bag and this was just too pretty to leave. I can fit my purse/phone inside, but just wish it was a little bit bigger. Nevertheless, I can't stop admiring it!

I was utterly exhausted by the time that I got back - I felt like my legs were too tired to stand! But it's good to try and push out of the bubble; baby steps as I try to have a life. Usually I can't eat when I'm travelling/out and about, so yesterday's calorie consumption was off the scale! Maybe next time I'll pick a healthier option... 

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