ASOS wishlist

I think ASOS is my favourite place to buy clothes. If it doubt, look on ASOS. It's been a while since I've made and order, but there's a lot of stuff lurking in my 'saved items' wishlist. I'm actually trying to save money, but hopefully soon I'll be able to buy some of these...

First up is this boyfriend shirt, for £25. It was love at first sight. I'm a sucker for a nice shirt; I wear them all the time for work. The colour is also unlike anything that I own, because I always worry about shades of pinks clashing with my ginger hair. Still, this is number one on my wishlist and I'm trying to restrain myself from ordering.

Next is a blue high neck top from Monki. I love Monki for tops, the sizing is great and they're cheap but still decent quality. I have a similar top to this in burgundy from H&M, and it's just easy to throw on. I love bright cobalt blues, I want more clothes in that colour.

Continuing the high neck trend is a longline top with a side split. There were loads of these knocking around on ASOS before Christmas, and I was so tempted. I suffer a bit from 'short torso syndrome' so really struggle with crop tops. This is the opposite end of the scale, and therefore right up my street.

I've been re-adding this scallop collar shirt to my saved items for months. I think it'd just look lovely with my weirdo beardo dinosaur jumper. It's simple, yet feminine and elegant. One day I will actually buy it...

I'm subscribed to Tanya Burr on Youtube, but rarely watch her videos. I clicked on one whilst browsing the other day and saw her mention this jumper. It just looks lovely. I have a similar one from Boohoo that has unfortunately stretched out of shape and is starting to fray a bit. This would be a fab replacement!

The only non-clothing item on my wishlist is a set of watercolour tattoos. I've always found watercolour tattoos beautiful, and who doesn't get excited when they see a temporary mother-flippin deathly hallows tattoo!?

Last up is this gingham jacket. I barely own any jackets, perhaps except for my old school blazer (which I still wear, worryingly). I think it's different and interesting, but still something that will go with a lot. Plus it's in the sale, which is always good.

It's unbelievably tempting to just throw this all in my basket, close my eyes and click order. I think I might have to have a 'treat yo self' moment and get a few of them...

What's on your ASOS wishlist?

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