Sales Spree: Spectrum Brushes

I'm constantly seeing people mention Spectrum Brushes in their blog posts, but had never tried any myself. I have been lusting over their brush sets for ages, but never felt like I needed any. Then I spotted that they had a few individual brushes on sale, so thought I'd give them a try!

I bought:
A10 - Small Fan
C06 - Tulip Eye Contour
A16 - Precision Crease
B06 - Tall Tapered Blender

These brushes are wonderfully soft with long, good quality handles. The bristles themselves feel a good quality, which I'm pleased about considering that I only spent little over £11 for them. I will say though that C06 and B06 are really big! I must have small eyelids...

However, I have tested them out and I really like them so far. I haven't washed them yet, so can't report back on whether the bristles have fall out...

I'm glad I picked up the fan brush, because I feel like it's something really useful but not something I'd want to spend a lot on. I'll probably use it to brush away eyeshadow fall out, but it'll be great for powder highlight too.

I love the precision crease because it can be used to pack pigment onto your lid, and fits nicely into my crease. Although the other two brushes are quite large, they make light work of applying eyeshadow to my lid and blending it out.

I am in dire need of some new eye makeup brushes. But I'm torn between getting a set from Spectrum, Zoeva, Real Techniques or whether to try somewhere else. What are your favourite brands for eye makeup brushes?

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