April Favourites

2016 is going so fast compared to 2015! I feel like I've barely got a favourites post out before I have to start brainstorming for another one...

Clothes & Beauty

New Look Watch - available here

I am obsessed with this watch. Obsessed. I just love the design on the face! I stupidly left my watch at my Dad's house over the Easter weekend, and no matter how much he looks it seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I didn't want to splash out on a new Swatch watch, so went for a cheaper option. I just picked up the first nice looking watch I saw in New Look - it was a grey one with a floral face and rose gold hardware. Very me. But when I got home the battery wouldn't work. So the next weekend I popped into another New Look to swap it. They didn't have the original, but they did have this one. And now I'm glad the grey one didn't work, because this watch is absolutely beautiful! And only £12.99 too; it's even cheaper than the cost of getting the battery replaced on my Michael Kors watch!

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
I have wanted this brush for such a long time. It makes shaping your face so easy. So when Superdrug had 3 for 2 and 20% off on brushes, I jumped at the chance (haul post coming soon). Even old hamster cheeks here can manage to contour!

MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet Blush in Spry
This was a bit of an impulse buy, because I felt like my makeup collection was lacking blushers. I'd never tried cream blush before, so went for this one and one from Sleek. I absolutely love the colour of this one. It's not mega-pigmented, so you have to build it up, but creates a really natural look. Definitely a good one for pale skin! It's lovely pink with brown undertones.


The Martian
I've finally read it! I put this on my TBR list ages ago, back when loads of book bloggers/youtubers were raving about it. I just never got around to buying a copy. In February Kris and I visited his parents and his Dad bought The Martian on dvd. I didn't expect to like the film as much as I did - I got so invested in it! So after that, it was pretty much decided. I had to read it. I ended up buying a copy for Kris, because he talked about wanting to read it to. He read it, and once I caught up with A Throne of Glass, he lent it back to me. The book is so well thought out and researched, but still full of this amazing humour that keeps you smiling.

Film & TV

Gilmore Girls

This is definitely not a new favourite. I used to watch Gilmore Girls every day after school. This, as well as Friends, was watched over and over and over by me and my sister. Seeing as they're filming the revival, I thought I'd start rewatching them all. It'd been too long!


Gilmore Guys

I'd kind of had this podcast on my radar for the past few months or so, after hearing Kayley Hyde talk about it. I used to listen to podcasts all the time (back in the days of Mugglecast, what a nerd) but got out of the habit. Seeing as I was rewatching Gilmore Girls, I thought I'd give it a try. I've only really finished the first series, but I'm really enjoying it so far.

Popmaster on Radio 2
I listen to a lot of stuff on my phone at work - I have podcasts, Audible, Spotify Premium and BBC iPlayer radio. I've kind of slipped into the habit of listening to Ken Bruce's Radio 2 in a morning. I love a good quiz, so Popmaster was something that I knew I'd get into. I always remember listening to this with my Dad and never being able so answer the questions, but now I can! I get kind of sad when it gets busy at work and I have to miss it.

Oasis Raspberry Lemonade Mighty Lemonade
I drink litres and litres of water; I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. But sometimes water can be a little boring. I decided to try Oasis mighty drops because I love the taste of raspberry lemonade, and I quite like drinking lemon squash. And now this little bottle just seems to live in my work handbag. It's so handy to carry around just in case. Plus, it stops me from buying fizzy drinks!

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