Birthday Wishlist!

It's my birthday in less than three weeks and I've barely even thought about it. To me, it still feels a million miles away. However, I have been keeping an eye out for possible presents for myself; things that I would like, but wouldn't really buy myself normally.

So, if any of my loved ones are reading this, and are stuck for present ideas, here are a few suggestions...

This first idea is a really silly one, but I read a review on geekedcartree and really wanted this August LEC315Q light. Possibly the winner of 2016's most boring present ever award, but I don't care. It's a really useful light; one that I can even use to help light blog photos (my room is terrible to take photos in). Plus, it has a usb port in it so it'd be really handy for charging my phone!

Next up is another blogger-inspired item. Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment, where have you been all my life!? This just looks perfect for my pale skin, however it's a little bit more than I'd usually pay for a beauty product, so am hoping someone will buy it for me (*bats eyelashes*).

Another practical gift idea is a new purse. The press stud on my current one has gone, so I've been wrapping a bobble around it to keep it shut in my bag. I love my purse (it's a cute one from Accessorize) but it's a struggle to use it. I switched from a large purse to a small one, so I could fit it in my coat pocket, but now I can't fit all of my cards in it! To escape the press stud crisis, I've been looking at ones that zip all of the way around. This Kate Spade one is absolutely beautiful, if a little pricey.

As mentioned in my Spectrum Brushes post, I'm on the lookout for some new eye brushes. So far the front runner is Zoeva's En Taupe Brush Set. Not only has it got some of Zoeva's best selling eye brushes, but it's also right up my street colour-wise. I've never owned non-synthetic brushes though, so this set would be an interesting change...

Last up is something I've been wishing to exist forever: a Benefit gift set that includes their Dallas bronzer! The Benefit Cheekathon Palette has five of their box powders in pans that are almost full size! I would be very grateful for just Dallas itself, but having this palette of five would be perfect; its every powder I could ever want!

To be honest, I'm not too demanding when it comes to presents; I'm grateful for whatever my family/friends get me, even if it's just a nice card. You can't go wrong with Kindle vouchers (even though my TBR list is getting out of hand) or something from Paperchase. I'm excited for my birthday, even though I have no idea what I'm doing to celebrate yet!

What's on your wishlist at the moment?

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