August Favourites

Monthly favourites time! The nights are already getting darker, which means no more summer, but I'm already excited for the colder weather...

Clothes & Beauty

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Hitch Hike
I featured this lipstick in my "alternatives to a red lip" post, and I'm just obsessed with it. I think I'll have to try and dedicate a whole post to it because I just love everything about it - it's such an unusual colour but is still really wearable! It's a brick-rose shade in a creamy matte formula. Matte without being too drying.

Joules Harbour Print Top
I don't have a Joules anywhere near me, but I was in Hereford at the end of last month and walked past one. I just knew it was my kind of shop - so many striped tops! I was in York one Saturday and has a 'Treat Yo Self' moment. It was £30 which is more than I'd usually pay for a top, but you can really feel the quality. It's white with navy stripes with a floral design around the neckline and top of the shoulders. I've already got my eye on more of them!


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I had such mixed feelings about this book, but overall I liked it. I really wouldn't consider it fully canon but I think seeing it performed would help me appreciate it more. I'm so grateful that we managed to get tickets, although I'll have to wait until November 2017! I think I'm going to read this one again so that I can try and get into it more. It was great, but not what I expected. You can read my full review here.

Film & TV

Finding Dory

I don't think there was ever a doubt that I would like this movie. I think Finding Nemo is probably my favourite Pixar film - I wasn't mega excited to see Finding Dory but knew I'd have to go and see it. I just love Pixar so much. And yes, I welled up and smudged my eyeliner! I don't really need to say anything else, because it's Pixar. Definitely buying this one on Blu-ray when it comes out! 


This isn't a new favourite, but it is a show that has been long neglected by me! Kris introduced me to it when we first started seeing each other, and we always watched it together. After I graduated, I kind of got out of the habit. One weekend we spotted it on Netflix and decided to watch the most recent season. Then I realised I hadn't watched all of the one before, so went back and watched it. It's just absolutely crackers, and that's what makes it so brilliant!

Food & Drink

Müller Rice
Last month it was Rachel's Organic rice pudding, this month it's Müller! These are a lot easier to come by, and come in so many flavours. I think my favourites are vanilla custard and apple - the latter was such a nice surprise because it has actual apple in it (I expected it to taste so synthetic). They're just quick and easy puddings, without being horrendously unhealthy.


Dina Tokio

I don't usually post about bloggers/youtubers in my monthly favourites, but when I found Dina Tokio I just thought "where have you been all my life?". Her videos are great and I especially love her vlogs because she's so funny! Obviously I'm sat here as a white girl, but I really appreciate British Muslim representation on Youtube. It was so interesting to watch her Hijab Story video and hear her talk about what it was like to start wearing a hijab. I'm just really enjoying going back and watching all the videos that I've missed! 


I'm really not a gamer girl - I'm embarrassingly bad at most shooter games! But Kris bought Overwatch and let me have a go. I'm pretty bad, there only a few characters that I've really got the hang of, but I've really enjoyed playing it! Kris has had to do a bit of backseat-gaming to try and improve my skills but it's tough only playing on his PC. Can I PR request a PS4/Xbox One so I can practice and improve my skills?

S Health

So I've had my Samsung Galaxy S7 since May but I was yet to really explore some of its features. But I finally set up my S Health after Dad was looking on his iPhone equivalent (he was showing me how many steps we did when we went shopping at the Metro Centre). I'm so nosy, I love counting my steps to see how many I do. It has so many features, a lot of which I haven't had a chance to play with. Definitely a really cool Samsung Feature! 

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