Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set Unboxing and Review

On Wednesdays I always go on the Superdrug website to check out their Star Buys. Last week I was lucky enough to snag the Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set for just £13.99! I needed a new sponge and this felt like a perfect deal - you can never have too many buffing brushes!

This set contains an exclusive brush - the deluxe concealer brush. Upon closer inspection, it's basically their deluxe crease brush with a different coloured handle. I am yet to try it but it seems lovely and soft and the perfect size for concealing under the eye. I currently use my Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush (I actually own two of them) so it'll be interesting to see which takes precedence. The Ecotools one is more pointed so good for getting into smaller areas but the Real Techniques brush seems to be of higher quality.

What's interesting about these new-design brushes is the case - usually I just put them away in a cupboard, never to be seen again, but this one seems actually useful. Instead of a velcro fasten the carry case is closed with elastic and contains room for 3 brushes (with protective plastic so you don't stain the inside material). The mirror is really quite big which would be very useful for travelling!

As for the Expert Face Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge, they're the same high quality that you'd expect. These are the first brushes I've got in the new brighter style, so they really stand out against my others! 

Forget about the Core Collection, this is the set to buy for all of your foundation needs!
What're your favourite makeup brushes?

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