October Favourites

Another month gone! Even though it feels far away, I'm starting to get excited about Christmas! It's still way too early for Christmas songs though, maybe in a week or two...

Clothes & Beauty

Lush Rub Rub Rub
I love the smell of this stuff. I think I might make myself ill because whenever I open the tub I inhale so deeply! I've been using this on my shoulders to exfoliate a bit - when I grow my hair long the skin on my shoulders/upper back seem to suffer. It's a really lovely scrub, even without the amazing smell. I've read you can use it on your scalp, which I might try soon...

Pizza Friendship Necklace
My lovely friend Amelia packed her bags for London this month as she's got a job at ASOS (so jealous). Her parents threw her a leaving do, so me and the besties bought her presents. This included our pizza friendship necklaces (lots of jokes about her taking a 'pizza' our hearts). It's so cute, I love it. There are loads of these knocking around, we got ours from Etsy. I have also just been given an adorable rose gold dinosaur necklace from my boyfriend (similar to the one found here), which will probably become a staple along with my silver pizza!

My sister's coat
I haven't got a photo of this (although I found someone selling one on eBay), but I've become obsessed with a coat that my sister gave me because it didn't suit her. It's an oversized duster style coat in a gorgeous red/purple colour. I love it because I can just throw it on like a big cardigan. Also I carry a water bottle every where I go, which can often be a nuisance if I need my hands free. Luckily I can fit loads in the pockets! It's not the warmest coat I own, but it's definitely a great coat for autumn.


Throne of Glass - Sarah J Maas
I'd spent months deciding whether I wanted to read this book. I looked at reviews on Goodreads, saw 'love triangle' and immediately became cautious. I hate some YA tropes. However, seeing as I enjoyed A Court of Thorns and Roses so much (and the Kindle edition was only 99p), I decided to give it a go. I really really enjoyed it. Yeah, it has moments where the main character becomes a bit of a 'Mary Sue special snowflake who isn't like the other girls' but it also has action! I think that's what I enjoy about Maas' books - her female characters aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. I'm still not sold on the series though, so I'm going to get the sequel from the library rather than buying it.

The Queen of the Tearling - Erika Johansen
Another book that I discovered whilst mooching around on Goodreads (can you tell that I'm into fantasy books with a female protagonist?). The Queen of the Tearling is quite a long book, but reads rather quickly. I enjoy being immersed into this world and again, I enjoy the action and fight scenes. It's a lot tamer than reading Game of Thrones, but with just enough intrigue to keep you going. I haven't actually finished this, but the first half was enough for this book to gain a place in my monthly favourites.

Film & TV

Gravity Falls

This month I watched the first season of Gravity Falls. I just love watching an episode or two before I go to bed. I haven't got around to watching Season 2 yet, but I've heard that it's a lot darker than the first? I know there are a lot of codes and ciphers to look out for, but for the moment I just enjoy it for the story/visuals. Mabel is just the best (I think I just love characters voiced by Kristen Schaal). Gravity Falls is also the origin of my new all time favourite, most relatable gif ever:

I have a deep connection with this gif. Mabel is me.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I had been thinking about buying New Leaf for months. I didn't actually get a 3DS until last Christmas - I felt like I was too old to ask for one off my parents! I loved Wild World, having played it to death when I was younger. I've become just as addicted to New Leaf as I was back then. However, my years of experience on the old game has definitely improved my knowledge! One month in and I already have a pretty big house - I'm quite impressed with myself!

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