Vintage Finds: Lucy & the Caterpillar Vintage Boutique

I know I go on about it a lot, but back in August I traveled to Iceland. I longed for an Icelandic jumper, but they were way too expensive for me.

Fast forward to October, and I'm mooching around Hebden Bridge with my boyfriend. I'd spotted the sign for a 'vintage boutique' before, but this time I finally decided to follow it and go inside.
I'm so glad I did. A vintage Handknitting Association of Iceland jumper (a shop that I actually went into whilst I was in Reykjavik) for £25! I just couldn't leave it behind; I had to have it in my life. And luckily, it fit!

It's a little bit short on the arms for me, which I'm actually quite happy about because I'm always rolling my sleeves up anyway. It's handknitted from Icelandic 'lopi' yarn, meaning it is lovely and warm. My Christmas jumper for 2015?

As for the shop - Lucy & the Caterpillar Vintage Boutique is amazing. It's a Aladdin's cave of vintage finds, and at affordable prices. It's inside an old mill building (upstairs from the Innovation cafe and gift shop); she also has her own clothing range, I am Lucille, which you can find on Etsy. I hope my boyfriend doesn't mind, because I'll be insisting that we go there every time I visit him from now on!

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