Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick: Beehive

For many years, Revlon's Lip Butter in Peach Parfait has been my trusty 'on the go' companion. It's finally starting to run out, but I didn't want to repurchase because I have a few problems with it - it's sticky (constantly getting my hair stuck in it) and the glitter feels grainy. Now that might just be because I've had it for three years now but either way, I wanted a change.

That's where Beehive steps in.

I did consider going for something more 'fancy' to replace my old lip butter, but then I remembered reading blog posts about Beehive. Apparently it's a dupe of MAC Patisserie / Peach Blossom / Hue? 

Unfortunately when I went into Boots the tester was completely used up, so I bought Beehive blind. But I'm pretty impressed with the quality. My only criticism is that it has that more 'traditional' lipstick taste, which isn't the best. It seems like a lovely subtle colour; I can't wait to road test it when I'm out and about! Definitely a throw in the handbag type lipstick - it even has a funny little mirror in the lid so you can reapply anywhere...

Not much left of my lip butter!

As for consistency, it's definitely not as soft as the Revlon Lip Butters, but still applies pretty well. It doesn't feel as creamy as I have read in other people's reviews, so maybe there has been a change in formula? However, I'm not complaining - it still does the job! Lipgloss for the girl who doesn't do lipgloss.

Beehive is actually more peachy than Peach Parfait (it was when I swatched it anyway). But what made me most happy is that it has the shine without the glitter, and is definitely not sticky!

Left: Revlon Peach Parfait; Right: Seventeen Beehive

Beehive is £4.79 and is available at Boots.

What lipsticks do you love? What should I buy next?

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