Spring Wedding Looks featuring T.M. Lewin and ASOS

Back in February, my Dad announced his engagement. The wedding isn't until October, but I've still been thinking about what I'm going to wear. I think Kris has noticed, because he's been looking a little bit too. I've picked my two favourite spring wedding looks to share with you!

I love the idea of wearing a blazer/shorts coordinating set. I love dresses and skirts in theory, but in practice I get paranoid about accidentally flashing my bum if they're short, or catching them on something if they're long! Unfortunately this ASOS Premium Jacquard Blazer Co-ord has sold out, but to me it was too perfect to not include. Spring has only just felt like spring over the past week or so and I think especially considering northern weather, a jacket is quite handy. The beautiful floral pattern still makes it perfect for a spring wedding. I personally wouldn't wear a crop top like the model has, but most things would go with this.

I am obsessed with the Giant Tassel Clutch Bag that I picked out. And at just £18, I'm half tempted to buy it regardless of whether I use it for a wedding or not. There's something very Chloé about it.
I was looking at pointed court shoes, but I'm a platform gal through and through. These ones have an ankle strap, meaning you're less worried about them falling off (I have thin feet, so am a nightmare at keeping court shoes on). Although they don't really match the co-ord set that well, I also have my eye on these smaller heels. A lot more practical for a long day; these shoes kind of remind me of Valentino Rockstuds. Looks like ASOS has been inspired by high-end this season!

When it comes to menswear, my taste is minimal. I'm quite happy with a black suit, white shirt, black tie, but often that can look a bit morbid. Or like you're going to prom. After that, I like blue or dark grey. I love this Soho Navy Blue skinny fit suit from T.M. Lewin. The cut is modern and slimming and the colour makes it great for a spring wedding. They offer loads of different types of suits, but I loved this one because it's easy to style. I, ever picking the boring option, would probably just go for a slim fit white shirt, and any tie you like. Patterned, plain, do you match it with your shoes? Menswear mystifies me.
Speaking of shoes, I found these amazing Jeffrey West brogues on ASOS. Kris always tells me 'oxfords not brogues, blah blah' but even he loves these. I think we both just have a great love of anything burgundy. Beats a boring brown pair of shoes!

What would you wear to a spring wedding?

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