New Year's Resolutions

I know we're a little late for this considering that it's the 8th January, but I thought I'd share with you my New Year's Resolutions and have a quick look back at 2016...

2016 was bloody awful for the world, for many reasons. I think it wouldn't be hyperbole to call it 'the worst year ever'. However, on a personal level it wasn't too bad. I feel like 2015 was probably worse for me.

My 2016

My stomach got better
Last year I talked about wanting my stomach to improve. Thankfully earlier this year I finally managed to wean myself off my medication and stay off it. It's been tough, but as a whole I feel a lot better than I did a year ago.

I changed jobs
At the end of 2015 I started my first proper full time job. I stayed there for a year but then my contract was up. Luckily I managed to secure a new job that's only a 30 minute walk from my house. No more train commutes for me!

I took long distance trains
Long distance trains are my nemesis - the location of many a panic attack. This year I did a number of long distance train journeys with Kris, as well as a few by myself. I even live-blogged one of them, even though it wasn't particularly exciting...

I dropped off towards the end of the year
Even with all the positive stuff that's been happening, I feel like the last quarter of 2016 was really tough going. I've struggled with productivity and feeling positive meaning I kind of slumped into a mild depression. I couldn't wait for the Christmas break, then got sick so couldn't fully appreciate it. I ended 2016 feeling particularly sad and discontented with life.

New Year's Resolutions

Be happy
As I mentioned above, I totally slumped towards the end of 2016. So this year I just want to be happier. If that means changing things around a bit then I don't mind - I'll try anything within reason! Hopefully I can get back on with my blogging and get back on top of life in general.

Move out
This was in my 2015 resolutions and didn't happen. I don't mind too much, but I think it's time now. Kris and I have been travelling to visit each other at weekends for too long now and we just need to find a place and live together. It might mean starting afresh with new jobs in a new town, but it will happen soon.

Be healthier
I'm not horrendously unhealthy, but I could be better. I could do with losing a stone or two to just take some pressure off my stomach and feel more active. I'm the type to eat my feelings, so when I'm sad I can become tempted by unhealthy food. I don't want to diet or go to the gym, but just make a few changes - and not get tempted by baked goods and chocolate!

Look after myself
This is the same kind of thing as above, really. Self care is important. I want to make sure I sleep well and keep on top of life admin. I'm hoping I can make time for reading and things that don't involve a screen. And it sounds silly, but I want to stay on top of washing my makeup brushes! I always leave them until I can't physically use them any more...

What're your New Year's Resolutions?

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