What I got for Christmas 2016!

As with last year's post, my 'what I got for Christmas' posts will always come with a slight delay as I tend to spend Christmas with my Mum/Stepdad's family and New Year with my Dad so get staggered presents.

I love reading these kinds of posts because I'm so nosy! Obviously I'm not here trying to brag, but I'm writing this assuming that you're nosy too!

Kris really raised the bar this year and got me a new Kindle Paperwhite. I had been using his old Kindle that was very old and well loved, but I'd been talking about getting a new one. It's so handy that it's backlit, making it easier to read in bed. I love it. My parents also got my sister and I some MinaLima Harry Potter postcards when they were last in London and I love them so much. I was looking at them when Kris and I were in Leavesden back in November, so I'm glad I didn't buy them myself!

It seems that there was a bit of a footwear theme this year. My parents bought me some Vans Old Skool trainers and so far they've been pretty comfy! I've always been a Converse gal so it's nice to have a change. They also got me some Dr Martens boot socks, because every Christmas needs socks! They also got Kris some, so we're matchy-matchy now. I get very cold feet, especially my toes, so my sister found me the best cosy socks ever. They're fleece-lined and really keep you warm. I have no idea where they're from but I'm obsessed!

My friend Ailsa moved to South Korea in 2016 and sent all of us back home a care package of gifts. It contained a cute little compact mirror (I think mine says something like "promise I'll be pretty?" on it, I'm not 100% sure) and a pair of king/queen socks for each of us. They're seriously adorable.

It wouldn't be Christmas without books (and a new planner). I received the Fantastic Beasts screenplay and Lauren Graham's autobiography, Talking As Fast As I Can. As a big Gilmore Girls fan, the latter looks like it's going to be full of insider info! In the Secret Santa that we had amongst my friends, Amelia got me Love Style Life by Garance Doré. I'd actually never heard of this book before, or really read any of her blog posts, but it looks really interesting and beautifully presented. I used to be really into fashion and fashion journalism when I was younger so I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it. My parents got me It's All Absolutely Fine by Ruby Elliot because I've been wanting it for ages. I've not even finished going through it properly and I think it's already a contender for my favourite book ever. I relate to Ruby's writing so much and love her artwork. I want to cut a bunch out and frame them on my walls. Or have them tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so I can look at them always.

My parents also got me a new planner. Usually I go for a Paperchase one or a Dodo Planner but I absolutely love my Johanna Basford planner this year. It has a new page to colour each week - it started in September 2016 so I have lots to keep me occupied! 

As well as the seriously fluffy socks, my sister also got me some more Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine products, because it's my favourite scent they do. My Nanna got me some body butter, which was a great surprise. I got a full stocking of beauty gifts from my Aunty and Cousins, with a Ted Baker makeup bag, Nails Inc mini polishes and a Burt's Bees bauble.

Dad hadn't actually bought me anything when I got to his; I couldn't think of something I wanted when he asked. So we went into Newcastle and I had a look around. Not exactly an exciting surprise, but we had a nice day out. I managed to find a Kate Spade purse with 30% off in Fenwick's and I'm so happy with it. I've always used Accessorize purses and they've always fallen apart with use but I think this will really last. We also swung by the MAC counter and I picked up a 221 brush (I've never tried their brushes before and this one was highly recommended by the girl who served me) and two new eyeshadows to complete my palette. I picked Nylon and Orb but she gave me Omega instead of the latter by mistake! I didn't carry the bag so had no idea until I got home. It's a bit annoying but I still think it's a nice colour. I'm interested to work with it and see how I get on!

On our shopping trip I also picked up a few things for myself, as you do, so thought I'd include them. I bought myself Finding Dory because it's an awesome film, and managed to find a few remaining shower gels in the Lush sale. I've never tried Rose Jam or Snow Fairy but I couldn't resist them at half price! I actually got the last Snow Fairy in the Eldon Square Lush so was pretty pleased with myself. Not pictured are a pair of M&S jeans that I found in their sale at half price. I saw them online months and months ago but could never find them in store. The fit isn't amazing, I had to go a few sizes up for the legs to fit which means the waistband is quite big, but I really like the embroidery and they're surprisingly comfy for heavy-weight denim. If they were full price I probably would have put them back but I'd searched for them for too long to not get them! It's a lovely subtle way to do embroidery on jeans and the style is a complete change from my usual skinny jeans.

I got books from my brothers; one went for the Star Wars vein, while the other got me White Teeth by Zadie Smith. Embarrassingly I've never read any of her books, so I'm looking forward to finally reading this...

I've been seriously spoiled this year. I hope my friends and family liked the gifts that I bought them in return! If you've done a Christmas gifts post, feel free to share them in the comments! Too nosy, sorry not sorry.

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