Blogger Beauty Box May 2016

So I back in May I reviewed my first Blogger Beauty Box. I was really pleased with the contents, but wasn't sure about ordering another one. However, when Vix Meldrew put a tweet out saying she had one left, I thought "why not?"

So here's the contents of the May Blogger Beauty Box...

This month there was 5 Items:

  • Merumaya Everything Everywhere Oil (sample size)
  • Richard Ward Keratin Rehab
  • Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream
  • The Hair Experts Root Touch Up
  • Veeda samples including pads and tampons

The Merumaya Everything Everywhere Oil is great because you can use it on your face, body, scalp, hair, cuticles, lashes and brows meaning that I'll definitely find a use for it. I might use it to treat dry skin, or to tame those frizzy flyaway hairs!

The Richard Ward Keratin Rehab has come at an awkward time, just as I've chopped 6 inches of my hair off! This is a massive 150ml tub though, so it'll last a while as I wait for my hair to grow again. It's an ultra moisturising treatment, so great for repairing damaged hair.

Probably the product that I'll get the most use out of is the Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream. It's another multi-use wonder product - bruises, burns, cracks, cuticle damage, dermatitis, lesions, rashes, scrapes, soft nails and split skin. I'm really happy that not only is it cruelty free, but ethically made, paraben free and suitable for vegetarians. Definitely ticking lots of good boxes. I think I might lend this to my boyfriend for his dry hands, that is if I don't use it all myself!

I opened The Hair Experts Root Touch Up and was surprised to find what looks like make up! It's a quick and easy fix for your roots, just not really useful for me as my hair is not dyed and dark ginger! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one...

The last thing in the box was a sample kit from Veeda. So I received Time of the Month tampons in my last box; looks like I'm all set for sanitary products! I'll definitely use the pads, but unfortunately the tampons are non-applicator ones which I don't tend to use. I'm sure I'll find someone to give them to.

I think for now I'm going to take a break from beauty boxes (unless it's one where I know the contents). For Blogger Beauty Box, you definitely get your money's worth - it's just that this month there wasn't a stand out product for me! Maybe one day in the future I'll buy another...

You can order yours here

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