June Favourites

Check out what I've been loving this month!

Clothes & Beauty

Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Setting Spray
It might not seem like it when I look out of the window now, but the beginning of June was so warm! I was kind of sceptical about setting sprays, but this one really helped. My makeup didn't budge all day! It's a decent quality setting spray, and really affordable.

B. Nourished Night Serum
I am such a terrible beauty blogger - I pretty much have no skincare routine! I decided that my old No7 night cream needed to go in the bin and looked in Superdrug for another. This one was on offer, is cruelty free, and is easy to use. My skin is feeling a lot softer. I like the fact that it has a pump rather than being in a pot, because I feel like I never accidentally use too much. I really need to get a proper routine going!


A Court of Mist and Fury
Expect a review on this one... It gave me a serious book hangover! I honestly thought I'd be writing a bad review, but then the final quarter just turned my opinion on its head. I had so many thoughts, both positive and negative, and I need the third book to come out already so I can make my mind up whether I like or dislike this series! It's just crazy - the first part of these books moves slowly and has a lot of problematic elements but then it's suddenly action packed and clever. Sarah J Maas, you have me hooked!

Film & TV

Green Wing

I finally made Kris watch Green Wing. I have watched this more times than I can count, and loved watching Kris full on belly laugh at its weirdness. It's just the strangest comedy ever. This used to be on my anxiety watch list - tv I used to put on if I was too anxious to sleep. It's strangely comforting. I can't pick a favourite character because they're all just mad! I think Sue White makes me laugh most, and I think Harriet is absolutely adorable. Also, I ship Mac and Caroline so hard it hurts.

Food & Drink

Bourbon Biscuits
I have no self control when it comes to bourbon biscuits. We have them in the work biscuit tin but I end up buying my own because I eat them so much. I bought a packet at the weekend to take the photo for this post and I've just finished eating them as I type. So good! Someone who shares my bourbon obsession is Emmy - her tweets about eating them just makes me tempted to eat more! I think I need to try vanilla soya milk (or is it vanilla almond milk?), because she's been raving about that too...

7up Sugar Free
I really need to cut down on my sugar intake, but have been struggling. I pretty much exclusively drink Dr Pepper (I'm supposed to be careful with drinking carbonated drinks because of my stomach) but really don't like the diet version. One evening Kris picked me up a Dr Pepper on the way home from work, and got himself a diet 7up. I ended up drinking half of his! It's a sugar free soft drink that I actually like. Hurrah! 

Starbucks Iced Lattes
The weather has been warmer, so I've started drinking iced coffee over hot. It's also good because I don't need sugar in it. I don't really like soya milk cold, so have been getting my coffee with skimmed milk. I haven't had an upset tummy so far, success!


Blogosphere Magazine
I've been following Blogosphere Magazine on Twitter for ages, but it wasn't until this month that I bought the two most recent issues. Partially because I rarely call in at any newsagents that stocks it, but also because I felt like £5 was a lot for a magazine. I had a WH Smith voucher left over from my birthday, so thought it was a great opportunity. I'm so glad I did, it's an amazing magazine! It's packed full of useful stuff and helps me find new blogs to read! And I was pleasantly surprised to find that xAmeliax had written an article and featured one of my tweets! I wasn't expecting it and it really made me smile!

Spotify Sing-Along Indie Hits Playlist
I've been getting more and more into using Spotify (check out my playlist post here) and have quite a few playlists that I love. I think Sing-Along Indie Hits is my favourite. I just love every song on it and it makes me feel so nostalgic for being about 15/16 - I was such an indie kid. If you have any playlist recommendations, send them my way!

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